Monday, July 28, 2014

Duty Free Made Me Do It!

I'm such a sucker for duty free when I'm travelling... Especially if your flight gets delayed, or you have a lot of time to kill in the airport. Last week I went to Portugal and it was no exception. I ended up walking away with three little gems.
The first was Chanel's Vitalumiere foundation. I'm such a massive fan of Vitalumiere Aqua, I thought it was about time I gave it's big sister a run for her money... 
I'm actually loving this so far. It's really similar to my old (discontinued) favourite Pro Lumiere. I picked it up in B30 (my mid-tan shade). It has quite a dewy finish so definitely needs powdering, but I've found it lasts really well and gives a good medium coverage whilst sill looking natural. I'm still not 100% sure I prefer it to the Vitalumiere Aqua though. Watch this space!

I also got lured in by the Clarins Instant Light 'Natural Lip Perfector' which is a gloss/balm hybrid. I've eyeballed these a few times in duty free but had never swatched the darkest shade (06) before. The packaging is misleading as it looks a rather unappealing brown, but its actually a gorgeous natural nude, rose shade on the lips. It tastes like vanilla and feels super smooth. I can see this fast becoming a favourite.
Last but not least is Lancaster's Tan Maximiser. I'm not normally one to buy after sun, let alone expensive after sun (I usually just use regular body lotion!) but something about this lured me in (I'm pretty sure it was the promise of intensifying and prolonging my tan!) It doesn't have any fake tan in it, it's just meant to promote the melatonin development in your skin. It could be a load of old codswallop, but I'm liking it so far - it's super smooth and smells lovely.

What always catches your eye (and wallet!) in the airport

Friday, July 25, 2014

Topshop Tasselled Backpack

I haven't worn a backpack for at least 15 years. I have to admit, I didn't 'get' the backpack trend at all until recently. Suddenly something inside me clicked and I kept eyeing them up in every shop, looking for the perfect one. I spotted a stunning Alexander Wang while I was in Nordstrom a couple of weeks ago but I couldn't bring myself to splurge such a huge amount of cash on something I just wasn't sure I could pull off.
Enter this Topshop tasselled suede number... 
It's been calling out to me for a few weeks, every time I went into Topshop it caught my eye, and last week I finally caved. Something about it looks more expensive than it really was (£65 - not bad for real suede!) It's really nicely made, with three interior pockets and a leather drawstring.
I've been carrying it for about a week now and I really love it! It can be a bit impractical when you're shopping and need to pull your wallet out in a hurry but it fits loads of things in and frees up your hands when you need them. I'm loving it!
What do you guys think of the backpack trend? Are you loving it or not so sure? 

Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Holiday Beauty Bits!

While the majority of my makeup collection is appropriate for all-year-round, there are a few products that only see the light of day for summertime and holidays. 
Seeing as it's prime holiday season right now, I thought I'd do a little post about my holiday favourites...

First up is NARS' multiple in Laguna. If you're more tanned, or a darker skintone, this might be appropriate year-round, but for me it's strictly a tanned-only product. It gives a gorgeous glow and I like to use it as a replacement for bronzer when I'm at my most tanned, along my cheekbones, a little on my forehead and nose.
The next is my favourite waterproof mascara from Bourjois. I only ever use waterproof mascara on holiday, so I don't like to buy high end ones. I really like this as it gives loads of volume and length (think doll eyes) but it stays put even in the pool. It also has a massive brush too so it's quick to apply - no time wasting putting on your makeup when you could be outside in the sunshine!
The next is a lipstick that has been a summer staple for me for a good few years now. It's Costa Chic from MAC. It's one of those pale corals that looks horrendous when you're not tanned, so this is one that I dig out for the summer every year. It's a frost, so has a slight frosted finish too it, but nothing too obvious. It's so pretty with a golden tan, I love it.
Last but not least are two nail polishes that never fail to but a smile on my face in the summer month. The first is Butter London's Disco Biscuit here.) This semi-matte gel-textured fuchsia has a heavy dose of blue glitter. It's such a unique polish and it looks great with summer brights. (I've done a full review of this
I also adore Colour Club's 'Reign in Spain' neon coral shade. This makes you look twice as tanned as you are. I always use colours like this in the summer to enhance by tan and it works a treat! (I've done a full review of this here)
Are you heading off anywhere nice this summer? What are your favourite summer holiday products?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Awards Season!

I don't often do posts like this, but I wanted to say such a massive thank you to you all for your constant support. I've been nominated for not one, but two different awards this year; one at the Cosmo UK Blog Awards, and one in Marie Claire USA's Most Wanted Beauty Awards. I know it's not the be all and end all, but it really is wonderful to have such great support from you all, and to be recognised by some of the leading beauty publications int he world, so thank you.
There are lots of different categories, and some of my favourite bloggers are also up for awards, so if you get two minutes to head over and cast your vote, I know it would mean a lot to all of the other nominees too! Here's how to vote:

For the Marie Claire awards, all you need to do is head over to their website HERE. I'm up for 'Most Wanted Video Personality of The Year'. These close in just a few days on July 22nd

For Cosmo, you need to head to their shortlist page HERE to cast your vote! Voting doesn't close till the 29th August.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stains

I finally managed to get my hands on a few more colours of the new Moisture Stain lip glosses from Revlon. I got my first one (Barcelona Nights) when I was in New York a few weeks back and instantly fell in love with it. These have a really unique gel texture that is unlike any other lip product I've come across before. Think Maybelline Elixir glosses mixed with YSL Glossy Stains - That's exactly how I would describe these.
The packaging is sleek and feels nice considering these are a high street product. They have a wide doe-foot applicator which I also really like. When you first apply them they go on a little gloopy. It's hard to describe, but it almost looks like a waterproof substance trying to mix with water. Persevere and really work this into your lips. Add a second coat and you're left with a gorgeous shiny finish...

They feel lovely and moisturising on the lips and are so comfortable to wear. They are much more comfortable than similar products like the YSL glossy stains. I ended up picking up a further four colours while in LA for VidCon last week and I have to say I love them all. I think Cannes Crush is going to be the one I wear the most.
L-R: India Intruige, Barcelona Nights, Cannes Crush, LA Exclusive & London Posh
London Posh
LA Exclusive
Cannes Crush
Barcelona Nights
India Intrigue
Good news for all you UK girls too - these will be available from August and will be priced at £7.99. I'd really recommend checking them out when they land - I'm addicted!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Breaking The Silence...


I've been rather quiet on here for the past month or so. A month sounds like such a long time, but it's flown by and I'm not really sure where the time went. It's the usual excuse, I've been so busy I've had a hard time keeping up with my friends, family (and own husband at times), that this little corner of the internet has been left rather neglected. Instead of jumping right back in with my usual type of blogpost, I thought I'd share a few snaps of what I've been up to for the past month...

I was lucky enough to fly out the New York for BeautyCon 2014 with my friend Lauren at the end of May. We went rowing on the lake in Central Park, got glam blow dries at Dry Bar, went to a snazzy Maybelline party, drank cocktails on the roof of the Standard hotel in Chelsea, went to the top of the Rockafeller centre for sunset and took a trip down childhood memory lane seeing Aladdin on Broadway. It was awesome and I loved every minute of our little trip.
When I got home, I had a day off to spend with Mike, the puppies and my family before starting filming for our new cooking channel with Sainsbury's. It was scary filming at first (as we aren't professional chefs!) but it was actually so much fun and we've been learning so much! I had a week or so to finish off some DIY and admin at home in between filming, and got back onto the fitness wagon too! The last pic is of me and my dad on Father's Day. He's awesome.
Towards the end of June, I went to a family friend's wedding in Suffolk. They had huge teepees full of fairylights and the sun shone all day. It was magical and I loved spending time with my family. The next day I flew out to LA for Vidcon 2014 and the next 10 days flew by in a whirlwind of meet-ups, panels, meetings and photo shoots. Vidcon was awesome but so busy this year, I didn't get the chance to catch up with everyone I had wanted to! I did see quite a lot of my YouTube friends though, which was awesome. I also spent 2 days on set shooting for Seventeen magazine which was also incredible. It was my first ever proper 'fashion' shoot so I was really nervous but it was fun on the day. I got the chance to spend time in Downtown LA and visit the Walt Disney Concert Hall for the first time.
Me and my best friend Becky spent a whole day filming videos with our friends Tati and Elle, and we got to go with Tati to collect her new puppy, Puka Shell, and hang out with Elle's cat Pinecone. We spent an hour by the hotel pool enjoying the sunshine and I dyed my hair rainbow pink, blue and purple (it's wash-out though, so it's pretty much gone now.) We were both sad to have to go home, but it was awesome to see all my family again. What's even more awesome is that my sister and her family moved closer to us whilst I was away, so I can hopefully see my little niece and nephew a lot more this summer.

Normally blogging with resume this week. I'm sorry for the silence guys. I've missed you.