Monday, November 18, 2013

'Magnetic Mascara' Review

After seeing a few rave reviews and beautiful before-and-after pictures about 'Magnetic Mascara', I decided to find out more... It's made by a brand called Santhilea, which I had never heard of before, and it seems that this product is the only one that they make. I am a huge mascara lover, and after hearing that this new take on a fibre mascara is 'ahhh-mazing' from a number of my favourite bloggers, I thought it was a must-try.
And the rave reviews weren't lying...
This mascara really is amazing. It leaves your lashes looking incredibly long, voluminous and luscious. I've used fibre-based lashes in the past and haven't been overly impressed (think spider-leg-lashes!) but this three step process really works. As well as taking your natural lashes to the max, it also claims to be much lighter than normal mascara, so it's easier to remove, while also being longer-wearing.
Step 1 is to apply one coat of the magnetic mascara, while it's still wet, Step 2 is to build up a couple of layers of the lash builder fibres. 
I say a couple of layers, as it's best to apply the fibres lightly and build them up to avoid getting any in your eyes, or have them clump-up on you! The final step is to apply another coat of the mascara, once the first two coats have dried. 

As you can see... the results are really beautiful. If you love the look of doll-eye lashes but aren't the biggest fan of wearing falsies, then this is definitely the choice for you!


It is on the pricey side at £24.99, so up there with tempting offerings from YSL, Dior & Chanel... Personally, if I had to choose one mascara for every day, it wouldn't be this one. I think it's a little too fussy for everyday use (it takes over twice as long to apply compared to regular mascara) but I'll definitely use it for special occasions in place of wearing false lashes or getting lash extensions.

If you do like the look of this mascara, you can pick it up from Cult Beauty here.

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