Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Glow All Out

I've got something bordering on an obsession with Soap & Glory makeup at the moment. It really is just fantastic. Like any brand, there are a few 'dud' products, but the majority of the line is just wonderful. The more things I try, the more things I like, and this product is my most recent discovery.

It's the 'Glow All Out' - Luminizing Radiance Face Powder...
The sturdy cardboard packaging is really lovely and feels very high end. It's fair to say that the entire branding of Soap & Glory is rather similar to benefit, but hey, it's a almost a third of the price so I'm not complaining...

The product itself is a pink-toned powder. Although some might label this a highlighter, I would definitely class it as an illuminator (as do S&G, judging by the name). The important difference being in the fact that this doesn't have any glitter, or even shimmer really. It's just so beautifully subtle. It gives you a glowing sheen. A pinky-toned candlelit glow that is simply stunning. Although Soap & Glory say you can apply this all over your face, I wouldn't if you want to avoid looking a bit OTT on the 'glow' front (taking the name a bit too literally and really 'glowing all out' - NOT a good look in my opinion!)

This has been a go-to product in my makeup bag since I bought it about three weeks ago and I can see it sticking around. I haven't swatched it on the skin in the photos as it really is so subtle, it's almost impossible to photograph (at least to do it justice!) I would highly recommend taking a peek at this in the shop to see how beautiful it really is...

It's not the cheapest on the high street at £11 but it's the best 'budget' product of it's type that I've tried (and I've tried a lot!) Soap & Glory makeup is currently 3-for-2 in Boots too... always tempting!

Have you tried any Soap & Glory Makeup? What's your favourite product?

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