Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tried & Tested: Moroccan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

I was given a set of the Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair shampoo and conditioner by a hairdresser friend of mine recently, and I was really excited to finally give them a whirl. I've been a fan of the Moroccan Oil treatment oil for a long time now and have more recently fallen in love with their styling creme, so had been eyeing up their Shampoo & Conditioner for a while...

The Moisture Repair duo claims to gently cleanse while infusing hair with argan oil, fatty acids, proteins and nutrients while leaving hair soft, shiny and full of body. They are sulphate, phosphate and paraben free, although do contain silicones. They are also marketed as colour safe and best for chemically damaged hair.

The packaging is a nice matte-rubberised finish which I like, and both the shampoo and conditioner carry the heavy, signature 'Moroccan Oil' smell (which I love, but I can imagine some don't) This, combined with the thick texture of both the products makes these feel very luxurious to use. For me, they feel like a bit of a treat for my hair.

Performance-wise though, they didn't quite tick all of the boxes for me. Both of the products are very nourishing and left my hair feeling really soft and smooth. However, when used together for more than one successive wash, I found that they noticeably weighed my hair down, leaving it looking a little lank. Not greasy, just heavy and without it's usual movement. This really surprised me, as I have quite dry, colour treated hair that normally loves heavy, nourishing products.

Having said that, I do really like both of these, and will continue to use them... just not together! I've found that if I use the Moroccan Oil shampoo with a lighter conditioner, or a more clarifying shampoo with the Moroccan Oil conditioner, they both work really well and leave my hair looking healthy and shiny, yet still with a little 'oomph'.

I've definitely enjoyed using these, and will use them up, but for the price? (£15.85 each... gulp!) I think there are better, cheaper alternatives for my hair personally. If you have severely dry and damaged hair I think these might be a good choice, but for those of you who, like me, have only slightly dry, colour treated hair, they might be a bit 'much'.

They do also make a volumising version for finer hair, which I would be interested in trying out at some point as it's meant to be lighter, but it would have to be seriously good to justify the price tag!

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