Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm Currently Obsessed...

...with my first ever foray into Tom Ford beauty. This is the Skin Illuminator in Fire Lust. It's the most beautiful rose gold liquid shimmer that is uber-subtle, yet totally gorgeous. It's definitely more of an 'Illuminator' than a highlighter, so suitable for those of you who like it subtle, rather than bling-bling, shimmer-shimmer.

I like...

mixing this with my foundation to create a lovely glow-heavy finish. It will definitely be a summer staple for me this year (if we ever get a summer that is!)

Overpriced? Definitely.
Unnecessary? Probably.
In Love? Immediately.

You can pick this up in Selfridges and online now. It's part of the summer 2013 collection and priced at an eye-watering £46.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hooked on Crack?

My friend Tati (aka GlamLifeGuru) recently sent me this little tube of goodness all the way from Los Angeles. The name is clearly a bit of an attention seeker (as is the name of this post... Shameless!)
Crack: A Habit Forming Hair Fix, is a thick cream product designed as a styling treatment and UV and thermal protectant. It claims to...

smooth, nourish, protect, mend and shine. Providing instant gratification and memorable results.

It's a leave-in cream that is applied on towel-dry hair. It's quite a heavy product so a little goes a long way. It's not a 'de-tangeler' as such, so I still had to use my regular detangling product before this, but it works really well when it comes to eliminating frizz and smoothing out my hair in general. You do have to be very careful about how much you use though, as too much can make your hair look greasy.

This is a great product for those of you with dry or frizzy hair, looking for a little extra shine and manageability.

I don't think this product is currently available in the UK, but you can pick it up from Ulta in the USA and online at for $20 (Approx. £13).

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm Review

I've been giving the new Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm a whirl for the past few weeks. I was previously using the Ren alternative which I must say, compared to some of the other products in the Ren line, it was somewhat of a disappointment as the texture was a bit lumpy. Yes, lumpy... strange for a balm? I know. Anyway, hence I was eager for a change, and when this little sample landed on my desk a few weeks ago, I was keen to get testing!

The texture of this is lovely, it's really smooth and melts into my skin beautifully....

I love the way this cleans my skin and the way it leaves it feeling smooth, plumped and moisturised after use. I do however have a couple of bug-bears with this product. The first is the smell. It's not necessarily a 'bad' smell. It's very spa-like and I'm sure some would find it nice and relaxing, but to me something about it smells a bit sour, and god forbid you ever get any in your mouth... yuk!

Aside from the smell, the other issue I have with this is that it isn't very effective as an eye makeup remover. Some would argue you should use a separate eye makeup remover anyway, but I'm the first to admit... I'm lazy when it comes to cleansing and in an ideal world, I would like a cleanser that 'takes it all off'. This doesn't. It doesn't do a bad job of removing, but it doesn't quite get it all and I find it leaves a bit of a residue on the eye area.

Overall. I love this as a cleanser, and will very happily use up the remainder of my little sample (which FYI is 20g, approx. 1/5 of the full-size 105g, which I would estimate to last me around 3 weeks, so the full size should last about 15 weeks when used once a day) but I don't think I will be purchasing a full size. Partly because it's priced at £39, and partly because I think I may finally cave and end up buying the over-blogged-about Emma Hardie alternative. I've tried to avoid it but there are just so many rave reviews out there, I might just have to give it a whirl when this runs out.

Do any of you use a cleansing balm? Which is your favourite?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tried & Tested: Moroccan Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

I was given a set of the Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair shampoo and conditioner by a hairdresser friend of mine recently, and I was really excited to finally give them a whirl. I've been a fan of the Moroccan Oil treatment oil for a long time now and have more recently fallen in love with their styling creme, so had been eyeing up their Shampoo & Conditioner for a while...

The Moisture Repair duo claims to gently cleanse while infusing hair with argan oil, fatty acids, proteins and nutrients while leaving hair soft, shiny and full of body. They are sulphate, phosphate and paraben free, although do contain silicones. They are also marketed as colour safe and best for chemically damaged hair.

The packaging is a nice matte-rubberised finish which I like, and both the shampoo and conditioner carry the heavy, signature 'Moroccan Oil' smell (which I love, but I can imagine some don't) This, combined with the thick texture of both the products makes these feel very luxurious to use. For me, they feel like a bit of a treat for my hair.

Performance-wise though, they didn't quite tick all of the boxes for me. Both of the products are very nourishing and left my hair feeling really soft and smooth. However, when used together for more than one successive wash, I found that they noticeably weighed my hair down, leaving it looking a little lank. Not greasy, just heavy and without it's usual movement. This really surprised me, as I have quite dry, colour treated hair that normally loves heavy, nourishing products.

Having said that, I do really like both of these, and will continue to use them... just not together! I've found that if I use the Moroccan Oil shampoo with a lighter conditioner, or a more clarifying shampoo with the Moroccan Oil conditioner, they both work really well and leave my hair looking healthy and shiny, yet still with a little 'oomph'.

I've definitely enjoyed using these, and will use them up, but for the price? (£15.85 each... gulp!) I think there are better, cheaper alternatives for my hair personally. If you have severely dry and damaged hair I think these might be a good choice, but for those of you who, like me, have only slightly dry, colour treated hair, they might be a bit 'much'.

They do also make a volumising version for finer hair, which I would be interested in trying out at some point as it's meant to be lighter, but it would have to be seriously good to justify the price tag!

Random candle-adoration photo. Still obsessed with this - more info here.

Monday, June 17, 2013

My Perfume Collection

I uploaded a brand new video last night all about my current collection of perfume. It's plain to see that I'm fickle with scents, but I really do love them all.

If you want to take a closer look at each of my perfumes... check out my video...

Friday, June 14, 2013

Meet Me at The House of Rock n' Kohl!

Some of the more eager makeup-obsessives amongst you may have already heard about Charlotte Tilbury's House of Rock n' Kohl?
One of the world's most sought-after celebrity makeup artists and friend-to-the-stars Charlotte Tilbury is hosting a week long pop-up shop in celebration of all things beauty in Selfridges (London). 
Opening on Monday, the event is open to the public and free to attend. There will be makeup demos, a complimentary 'quick flick bar' where you will be able to get a quick eye makeover, a celebrity 'kissing gallery' and different beauty events happening each day ranging from makeup bag surgery and lipstick readings, to exclusive nail art designs. 

You will also be able to get made over by a member of Charlotte's team, picking up beauty tips and tricks along the way, and get a peek inside Charlotte's makeup kit. If you would like a makeover, you need to make a booking as spaces are limited. This costs £25 and includes a pot of Charlotte's homemade 'Magic Cream' that she uses on all her clients.

Kate Moss, Cara Delevingne and a few more of Charlotte's celebrity friends will be popping in throughout the week, so keep your eyes peeled if you do decide to stop by!

I will be there between 4-6pm this Tuesday 18th June, and would love to meet some of you if you fancy popping along. (A bit more fun that the traditional 'meet up' scenario I thought!) The pop-up shop will be in the front left corner of the shop (next to the fancy watches and jewellery!) so if you're around on Tuesday, do come and say hello!
There are also exclusive evening events happening throughout the week. The Tuesday beauty panel consisting of Charlotte, Lisa Eldridge, Mary Greenwell & Nicola Moulton has already sold out, but there is an event running every night including watching Lady Gaga's stylist Nicola Formichetti do a live style makeover on Friday night!

If you want to see the full schedule or book in for the evening events, or a makeover, head over to Selfridge's website HERE.

I hope to see some of you on Tuesday if you're about. I thought it was a good time for those of you leaving work/school, so come and say hi if you're in London! 

You'll also be able to purchase one of these gorgeous limited edition makeup bags on the day. They are £15 each and all of the proceeds go to charity 'Kid's Company'. They are adorned with the lipstick kisses of some of Charlotte's most fabulous friends! 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Reign in Spain

As soon as this colour arrived in my Birchbox this month, I knew it would be one of my summer favourites.
It's Color Club's 'Reign in Spain' and it is, in my humble opinion... simply stunning.

In some lights it looks like that creamsicle-pastel orange, and in others it is completely neon. Orange can be hard to get right when it comes to nails, but this seems to tick all the boxes.

It is also ultra flattering, especially if you have a hint of a tan, it makes you look even more tanned. I think this will be my toe-colour staple of the summer.

The one downside I have found already is that it isn't great on the chipping front. I noticed a few tiny chips after just 24 hours, but I didn't use a top coat so I would estimate 2-3 days worth of wear with a decent top coat before you'd have to switch this up (more on the toes obviously)

Either way, it's still a winner for me. I'm a sucker for neons in the summer.

This polish is part of the Birchbox for Colour Club 'Wanderlust' collection, which you can pick up from their site now. You can get all four shades for £10 (a pretty good deal in my opinion) The other colours look lovely too, but this is the best one I think! The photo is from my lovely friend Gemma's blog GemsMaquillage (Check it out HERE)
Birchbox costs £10 per month +£2.95 for shipping, and you can find out more here. It's my current favourite 'Beauty Box'

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Black Leather Nails

I picked up this Nails Inc. Leather Effect polish while in New York last month, and hadn’t gotten around to trying it till today.

I was more than a little intrigued to see what the finish was actually like… Nails Inc. (along with Ciate) seem to be ahead of the game when it comes to new finishes and nail art concepts, and I was really into the idea of leather nails. It’s something different at least!
The finish itself didn’t disappoint. It really does look like leather! It’s perhaps a little...

more matte than I would have imagined, but I really like the subtle texture. The black colour I chose (‘Noho’) actually shows up slightly grey-looking when it dries, but I really like it. I know Nails Inc. also make a 'cement' texture polish which I haven't tried, but I'd love to see the difference between these, as this is a little more cement-like than I would have expected.
The formula is really thick and if you’re in a hurry, one coat would be sufficient, but two would be optimal.

Overall, I’m really impressed with this, and I would love to try the nude version! I think the nude leather look would be great for summer.

You can pick up Nails Inc.’s Leather Effect polishes now, priced at £12 (but you can pick it up here for £10.80 with free delivery! YEY)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sweet Cheeks

It’s not often that I’m tempted by Sleek’s limited edition collections. The eyeshadows are always too OTT for me to ever wear, but this little blush trio caught my eye and I have to say, it really doesn’t disappoint. 
The ‘Sweet Cheeks’ trio from the Candy collection contains one beautiful rosy cream blush and two powders, one lilac toned with a matte finish and the other a shimmery, candy pink. 

As usual with Sleek, the pigmentation and wear-time doesn’t disappoint, and the packaging is great quality. A big thumbs up from me.
You can pick up this trio in larger Superdrug stores now for £9.99. But move fast… I have a feeling this one will be a sell out!