Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Top 10 Tips for Using Coloured Hair Powders

I have been somewhat obsessed with dying my hair bright pink and purple since the age of 16, when I had stripes of each running through my shoulder length blonde hair, and had to tuck it behind my ears when I was at school to avoid the teachers spotting it…
Since then it’s seen a few ups and downs in popularity, but I’ve honestly never seen quite as many people with different colours in their hair as in the last six months...

And it’s never been easier to play with colour. I became a little obsessed with Kevin Murphy’s Colour Bugs about 18 months ago, and the arrival of Anastasia’s Hyper Colour Brow & Hair Powders has tickled my interest again. They come in 5 different colours. I'm especially happy they included a gorgeous teal (I would have perhaps liked to have seen a bright yellow in place of the acid green... but each to their own!)

You’ve all most likely seen the trends and results before… but here my top 10 tips when using these dusty little pots of neon-goodness:

  1. Wear dark clothing. No matter which brand I use, you always get a little fallout with these products, even after application. These versions are much better than the Colour Bugs in my opinion, but you still don’t want to be wearing white.
  1. Use leave in conditioner underneath the colour. Just a little bit. It’ll help the colour stick to your hair and not your forehead/clothes/fingers. 
  1. Set the colour with Hairspray
  1. If you want streaks, always add the colour underneath your top layer of hair. This helps to blend it in better.

  1. Style your hair first. After putting the colour in you get a very heavy, powdered-texture which is hard to brush through and style. Brushing will also remove some of the colour. (And it will stick to your hairbrush, never good!)
  1. Use a clarifiying shampoo to remove it. Two washes should get it all out with no problem at all.

  1. Don’t worry if you have darker hair… These work on any hair colour!
  1. Cover your surfaces. I would recommend applying these in the bathroom… away from walls, carpet or curtains. They can be a little messy!

  1. Wash your hair before bedtime! They shouldn’t stain your pillows, but the colour will transfer.
  1. Do it with a friend. I always find applying colour into someone else’s hair, and having someone apply it in to yours is often better, as you can see it from different angles and get a better idea of the finished result. 
So there you have it guys… Happy rainbow hair!

What do you guys think of these neon hair powders? Is it a look you’d wear?

You can pick up Anastasia's Brow & Hair Powders now from, priced at £10 each.

*I don't own the images of other people's hair. I pulled these from Tumblr - If anyone requires photo credit, please let me know and I will be happy to include it*

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