Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Urban Decay Oz Palettes - Swatches & Review

It's taken me forever to get this blog post up, as I somehow managed to lose the memory card that these pictures were stored on... but better late than never right?! Well I think so when it comes to these palettes!
You may remember this time last year, when Urban Decay released their 'Build Your Own' palettes? I gave them a bit of a bashing for their extortionate price tag (which, for the record, is still extortionate!)
Well, for the release of Oz The Great and Powerful, UD have created these two limited edition palettes in the same packaging as their custom palettes... but better!
In these, not only do you get an awesome limited edition palette (I personally love the designs!) but you get 6 full size eyeshadows (of which two are actually double shadows, so you get 8 colours, a mini-size 24/7 eye pencil AND a Super-Saturated lip gloss pencil... for £35
Glinda Palette: 

Theodora Palette: 
The two palettes are designed to re-create the looks of Glinda and Theodora from the film, but you can use them however you like (although they do come with a convenient face chart showing you how to apply the makeup in the style of each character). I'm not entirely sure why Rachel Weisz's character didn't get a palette, but there you go...
The quality and pigmentation of the products is as you would expect from Urban Decay... blummin' brilliant! Both palettes are actually pretty wearable too, depending on your colouring and taste, but they definitely aren't as bright as some of Urban Decay's other palettes.

Glinda Palette:
Theodora Palette:

They still have these in stock over at Debenhams, so hurry if you want to get your hands on one!

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