Friday, March 22, 2013

My Many Faces: The Blogger

If you didn’t already know, last year the beautiful Gwyneth Paltrow became the face of Max Factor and the ‘Many Faces’ campaign was her first for the brand, showcasing different looks for all of her different roles in life including Writer, Rockstar’s Wife and Business Woman.

Max Factor have challenged me to do the same using their makeup line. They invited me along to meet their head makeup artist (and seriously nice lady) Caroline Barnes, get to know the Max Factor line a bit better, and to talk through the looks that I wanted to create to represent my three roles. Over the next couple of months, I’m going to be sharing these with you here on my blog. I thought I would start with my favourite look, so here we go…

The Blogger.
Although my YouTube has always played a larger role in my ‘online life’ my blog is actually a huge part of what I do. I put a lot of time and effort into it, and take great pride in seeing all your reactions and responses to my posts. It allows me to be a little more creative, and gives me the opportunity to write, which is a secret love of mine.

The makeup look that I created with Caroline to reflect my blogging lifestyle is very neutral and relaxed. 
I adore metallics, especially bronze and rose gold so we chose a natural look with fresh skin using Max Factor’s new CC Cream with warm metallic accents on the eyes, lips and cheeks. My favourite product from the look has to be the Miracle Touch blush in Soft Copper.
This is actually one of the products Caroline recommended to me when we were talking through the product line, she often uses it on the cheeks and lips to tie a look together, as it’s really soft and blend-able. I love how dinky the packaging is too. I love Max Factor’s mascaras in general, but for this look Caroline recommended one that I hadn’t tried before, the Lash Extension Effect mascara. This is a fibre mascara, but because the fibre are so tiny, and the brush is so delicate, it’s totally clump free. Caroline told me that she uses it in a lot of her editorial work to get ‘perfect’ lashes.

For the nails I chose my favourite shade from the new Glossfinity range: Midnight Bronze.
I love this look so much and think it reflects the blogging side of my life perfectly. It’s still very Neutral and ‘me’ but with a pretty metallic twist. I like to keep my day to day makeup quite light when I’m blogging, as I’m constantly trying out new products and shades, so I don’t like to start with a full face of makeup as I usually end up adding something to it by the end of a day at my desk.
What do you think of the look that we created? Keep an eye out for my next ‘Many Faces’ look, which will be posted on here in three weeks time.

*This post is sponsored by Max Factor

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