Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Peel Off Nails are BACK! (Apparently!)

Topshop have decided to take us all back to our pre-teens with the launch of their new peel-off nail polish collection. The four shades of peel-off polish include a Navy, Lilac, Cobalt, and this bright pink.
It feels a little more rubbery than conventional polish, both during application and when dry. You can definitely tell by the finish that it's not a normal polish, and it feels kind of sticky even when dry. 
In terms of removal, it couldn't be easier. Each nail peels off in one piece. This might be one for those girls who like to change their nail colour on a daily basis... but for me? I just don't 'get' it. I'm really not a fan of the look or feel of this polish on my nails, nor the concept in general really.
What do you think about peel-off nail polish? A huge time saver, or should it be reserved for the kids? If you fancy giving these a try, you can pick them up from Topshop now, for £6 each.

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