Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Peel Off Nails are BACK! (Apparently!)

Topshop have decided to take us all back to our pre-teens with the launch of their new peel-off nail polish collection. The four shades of peel-off polish include a Navy, Lilac, Cobalt, and this bright pink.
It feels a little more rubbery than conventional polish, both during application and when dry. You can definitely tell by the finish that it's not a normal polish, and it feels kind of sticky even when dry. 
In terms of removal, it couldn't be easier. Each nail peels off in one piece. This might be one for those girls who like to change their nail colour on a daily basis... but for me? I just don't 'get' it. I'm really not a fan of the look or feel of this polish on my nails, nor the concept in general really.
What do you think about peel-off nail polish? A huge time saver, or should it be reserved for the kids? If you fancy giving these a try, you can pick them up from Topshop now, for £6 each.

Monday, February 25, 2013

YSL Deliciousness: New Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick

Today I wanted to share with you this new deliciousness from YSL. The Rouge Volupte lipsticks are, quite simply, the most beautifully packaged lipsticks out there. I just love the way they look. They currently make their original formula of creamy opaque colours, and a 'sheer candy' version, which is very much like a tinted tip balm.

The latest addition to the line is of course, an 'in-between' product, with less colour pigmentation, but more shine. 

Top-Bottom: Sheer Candy, Shine, Original

I was really excited to try this as I find the original formula a little drying, and a little too soft in formulation for it's pigmentation (If you know what I mean? It is dangerously smudgey and you can easily end up with lipstick on your face.)
The colour I have is number 6, a gorgeous fuchsia with blue shimmer. It has the same lovely mango scent all YSL lip products have, is nice and smooth to apply and looks gorgeous on the lips. The colour payoff is sheer, but still 'there' and the finish has a gorgeous shine to it, while remaining totally lightweight. 
The only bug-bear I have with this lipstick is the drying factor. Like the original, after a few hours I find it quite dry to wear. I'm not sure if this is just me or a general observation with the YSL Rouge Volupte, as I know they're popular.
Overall, I really like this lipstick... it's almost perfect, but not quite there! What do you think of the YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks? If you love the look of these, but would like a more affordable dupe, check out the L'Oreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks, as they seem very similar in formulation to me.
You can pick the new formulation up now, for £24.00 each. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Red Nails of London Fashion Week A/W 2013

For my final post looking at nail trends at London Fashion Week, I'd like to go back to basics. Red nails are a classic, iconic look and one that comes around time and time again. Within the first couple of days of London Fashion Week, I noticed an abundance of red talons. Although they weren't exactly sparse on the catwalks, they were pretty much the nail-of-choice amongst the front row. If nails weren't natural, they were red.
Maybelline Colour Show in Candy Apple
There seemed to be three different types of red being the most popular. First of all comes the classic red (of course!). Endless front row attendees were wearing classic reds including Pixie Lott, Frankie Sandford of the Saturdays, Chelsea Layland and Lana Del Rey.
Maybelline Colour Show in Burgundy
Burgundy is also a colour that is long associated with autumn winter trends, and while there were a few celebs sporting perfectly manicured burgundy nails (namely Kate Beckinsale and Nicola Roberts) the deep wine shades were overshadowed by a less 'obviously autumn winter' shade... bright tomato red.
Maybelline Colour Show in Power Red
Slightly brighter, more orange hues seemed to be the colour of the moment amongst front row attendees with Olivia Palermo sporting the same vibrant shade throughout the week, amongst the good company of Rita Ora, Kate Nash, Dionna Bromfield, Aluna Francis, Aluna Francis and Melanie Laurent to name just a few. The brighter reds and orange shades also seemed to be a favourite on the catwalks too, so I expect we will be seeing a lot more of these nails later in the year.

Amongst celebrities and fashionistas alike, red certainly seemed to be the colour of choice this Fashion Week.

Which are your favourite red nail polishes?

Get fashion for your fingertips with the New Maybelline ColourShow nail lacers. From nudes to acid brights, the colour is bold and crisp due to the formula's transparent gel-base, giving a fierce fashion finish. Only £2.99 RRP in-store now.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided via L'Oreal via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of L'Oreal/Maybelline.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Geometric Nail Art - London Fashion Week A/W 2013

Throughout London Fashion Week, I'm collaborating with Maybelline to bring you three of the top nail trends from the catwalks for Autumn/Winter 2013. Telling you what the models are wearing and showing you easy ways to create on-trend nail art inspired by the collections.

The second nail trend that has caught my eye this week has been the different styles of geometric nail art being seen not only on the nails of the models, but within the designs themselves and amongst the front row!

The models nails at the one show were adorned with geometric nail art on the ring finger, and deep hues on the remaining nails, a striking look but one that is easy to recreate at home (I've used Maybelline's Colour Show in Burghundy Kiss for my version).

Another designer's designs had a geometric feel to them which works perfectly for nail art inspiration. While the models on the day were sporting a fierce red and black reverse manicure, I've combined their look with the geometric tip trends that have been cropping up a lot this week to create an inspired look using Maybelline's Colour Show polishes in 'Blackout' and 'Candy Apple'.

(On a side note... keep an eye out for tomorrow's post for more on the red polishes of the season!)

My final, and favourite geometric look of the week comes not from the catwalk, but from the run-up to Fashion Week. Although the nails on the Todd Lynn catwalk were nude (see yesterday's post for all the info) Maybelline's celebrity manicurist Michelle Humphrey created an array of geometric designs backstage in the run up to London Fashion Week, which she shared via her twitter. It was these designs that caught my attention above all others this season. An eclectic mix of nude, acid brights and geometric symmetry. This look is so easy to recreate, it requires little explanation. 
What do you all think of the geometric nail art trend? 

Get fashion for your fingertips with the New Maybelline ColourShow nail lacers. From nudes to acid brights, the colour is bold and crisp due to the formula's transparent gel-base, giving a fierce fashion finish. Only £2.99 RRP in-store now.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided via L'Oreal via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of L'Oreal/Maybelline.

The 'New Nudes' - London Fashion Week A/W 2013

Over the next few days, I'm going to be collaborating with Maybelline to bring you three of the top nail trends from London Fashion Week for Autumn/Winter 2013. Telling you what the models are wearing and showing you easy ways to create on-trend nail art inspired by the collections. My first trend of the week is one that comes around time and time again: Nude nails.

So Nudes aren't something new. Nude nails have been resoundingly popular, regardless of season for the past few years. This seasons catwalk shows, however have seen nudes become even sheerer, and more importantly, flesh-toned.

The models walking for Todd Lynn, Zoe Jordan and Whistles were all sporting pale flesh-tones with a sheer, almost totally natural look.

Celebrity manicurist Michelle Humphrey created a matte nude look backstage for Todd Lynn, using one coat of Maybelline's Colour Show polish in Latte.

The models at Zoe Jordan were sporting even paler nails, giving a slightly doll-like feel to them.

If mannequin-hands aren't your thing, then fear not! Spicing up a barely-there nude shade is still a fashion 'do'. The contrasting coloured french-tips seen in many of the S/S 2013 shows last year are still going strong. For a bold take on the reverse-mani with a nude base, try adding acid yellow, lime green or sky blue tips and half moons. 
I'm totally in love with this look at the moment. It's easier than it looks to DIY too! All I did to create this look was:
1. Apply one coat of Maybelline Colour Show polish in 'Latte'
2. Wait for it to dry before applying a thin line of Maybelline 'Cool Blue' to the tips
3. Paint on your blue half-moons by painting a semi circle right over your nail bed, then remove any excess polish using an orange stick, then wipe the skin clean with a cotton buds dipped in nail polish remover

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on how to combine your nude nails with the Geometric nail art that has been seen everywhere this LFW!

Get fashion for your fingertips with the New Maybelline ColourShow nail lacers. From nudes to acid brights, the colour is bold and crisp due to the formula's transparent gel-base, giving a fierce fashion finish. Only £2.99 RRP in-store now.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided via L'Oreal via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of L'Oreal/Maybelline.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Review: Rimmel Lash Accelerator Endless

Today I'm reviewing another great new product from Rimmel (I've said it before and I'll say it again... they are on fire at the moment!) 
I loved the original Lash Accelerator mascara when it was released in 2011, and I have to say I think the new 'Endless' version is even better. The accelerator mascaras claim to help your lashes grow longer and stronger, however, I've never noticed any difference from using lash growth mascaras, no matter the brand, and I have to say that is still the case with this product.

The day-to-day performance of the mascara itself however, is great. It volumises a very decent amount and gives loads of length to my lashes. 
It takes a little work to apply nicely but I find that is often the case with mascaras that offer a lot of volume. The staying power is good, the packaging is nice. All in all, a thumbs up from me for this little beauty!
It's probably not my most favourite high street mascara (Physicians Formula and Covergirl Lash Blast take that title... jointly!) but it's definitely up there. I've been reaching for this a lot in the few weeks that I've had it.

Rimmel told me that this mascara is set to launch on the 20th February, but it seems that you can already pick it up online from the boots website! It will be £7.99 (but no doubt on an introductory offer in some places!)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Review: Lancome Teint Visionnaire

I got the chance to try out Lancome's new foundation Teint Visionnaire, ahead of it's nationwide launch today, so I thought I'd do a review for anyone who's looking at buying it.

It's a duo foundation-concealer product: a 30ml bottle of foundation with a large compact concealer held in the lid, along with a mirrow. The packaging itself is rather bulky. Not good for girls-on-the-go but it's a pretty, and a user-friendly design.

The product itself is a foundation-version of the brands bestselling Visionnaire serum. The ingredient used in the serum (LR 2412) is hailed as being a technological feat in skincare that activates the skin's defences and healing process. Lancome claim that it refines the surface texture, smoothes wrinkles and fades irregular pigmentation. The foundation contains a 2% concentration of this ingredient, while the serum contains 4%. The serum is priced at £59 and the foundation and concealer duo at £36, so it already seems like a good deal when you compare it to their skincare prices.

But how does the foundation actually perform?
The formulation is thin and gives a medium coverage with an SPF of 20. The finish is a natural satin, and I would therefore say it's not the best for those looking for anything high coverage or matte. If you want a more natural look though, this foundation is really nice. It leaves the skin looking youthful and radiant, without looking 'overdone'. The staying power on my skin was about average compared to my other foundations. Not ultra-long lasting, but it got me through the day without disappearing.

The concealer has a good coverage. Though still not full coverage, it effectively conceals any blemishes on my face and works really nicely under the eyes. For any major breakouts I would personally switch to a higher coverage product, but for day to day use, this is great.

I haven't been using it long enough to comment on any of the skin benefits, but judging by a week's worth of wear, this foundation is a great choice for everyday. It's targeted at older women, so therefore may not be the best choice for younger, oily skin. But if you are 20+ and your skin is normal-dry, this would be a nice choice.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

bareMinerals REMIX Collection

Check out how gorgeous the packaging for the new bareMinerals Spring collection is! They normally have really basic black packaging, so it's nice to see them doing something a bit more fun and eye catching.
The collection itself is called REMIX. The inspiration for this collection is based around "the moment when the music is blasting, the crowd is going wild and you can feel the beat inside and out. You live it, breathe it, everything is suddenly still... and it all seems to make sense"

I have to put it in quotations as I didn't know how else to re-word something so cheesy! I think that's slightly OTT for a makeup collection but... let's move on to the products!
Some of the colours in the collection are decidedly questionable. Personally I'm not a fan of the eye colours, or the turquoise mascara (anyone else used to wear that to school discos, age 9?! Cos I did) It's a shame because their formulations are lovely...
The lip colours however, are really nice. They are a sheer, balmy consistency and taste lovely - perfect for Spring.
The clear star of the collection though, and the only product I would really recommend making a beeline to take a look at next time you're near a bareMinerals counter is the Bronzing Mineral Veil. I'm a huge fan of the original mineral veil, and while this one looks like it will leave you looking like a mixture between an oompa-loompa and a disco ball in the pot, it blends in to the skin beautifully to leave you with a warm, glowing complextion.
This limited edition collection is available from bareMinerals counters now, prices start at £13.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer

I bought this concealer a few weeks back upon the recommendation of the gorgeous Estée from EssieButton. Although I'm still madly in love with both my Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer and my Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch, I loved the foundation from this line and wanted to see what the concealer was like.
I really like the packaging design. It comes in a dinky little tube that is compact, and has a convenient and hygienic applicator.

The consistency of the product is akin to a very thick foundation, and so is the coverage. While this is labelled as a 'radiance and anti-fatigue' concealer, provides a medium coverage and a nice brightening effect under the eyes, it isn't overly 'highlighting' or at all shimmery.
It feels a little powdery after blending, which makes me think that this may not suit dry skins as much as normal-oily, but the staying power is really good, with just one or two touch ups needed throughout the day.

Like a lot of Bourjois products, it is quite heavily scented so might irritate more sensitive skins, but i personally haven't had an issue with it. I bought this in shade 53 and it's a pretty good match for my skin colour. Although you could use this on smaller blemishes, it is more suited to the eye area and I still tend to use another (higher coverage) concealer on spots.
Overall, this is a lovely little product that I will use up and enjoy. I might purchase it again, I might not... It's not on my 'must have' list, but it's got a solid (and thoroughly deserved) spot in my everyday makeup bag!

You can buy Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer from Boots & Superdrug for £7.99, but it's currently on offer on the Boots website.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Fragrance Friday: Britney's Island Fantasy

Britney Spears has yet another fragrance release up her sleeves this spring, and it's my personal favourite to date.

Island Paradise was created to emulate a tropical island getaway. I was given a sample of this last week and I'm totally loving it. It's really fresh and clean but still sweet. Very different from all eleven of her previous scents, it's her first eau de toilette too.

It's a fruity floral with notes of jasmine, freesia and violet mixed with a fruity cocktail of citrus, mandarin, clementine, red fruits and watermelon. Undertones of soft musk and sugar cane keep the scent from being overly sweet. It's the perfect choice for a summer holiday or honeymoon (There's still 6 months to go till mine, but I've already decided that I'm taking this with me!)

The bottle is a tropical blue/green version of her bestselling Fantasy range, and is available in 50ml and 100ml sizes while stocks last. This is must-smell for any Britney fragrance fans out there, but also one for those of you who haven't been taken in by her previous scents. It's my personal favourite of the whole collection.

Island Fantasy will be available nationwide from April, priced at £24 for 50ml and £34 for 100ml.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Gorgeous Valentine's Goodies from M&S

I've never been overly taken with any of the M&S own-brand makeup, but their Limited Collection products for Valentine's Day this year are cute-as-a-button and caught my eye instantly.

The collection is all heart themed. While it is novelty, it's undeniably fun and would make a great gift for young teens and the young-at-heart alike.

The prices are great two, starting from just £5 for the cute heart-shaped lipstick. 

This limited edition collection is available now, from Marks & Spencer stores and online.