Monday, December 3, 2012

All I Want for Christmas... No.1

So I've done my Christmas Gift Guide Videos, but as always, there are a few bits and pieces that 'slip the net' and don't make it to the videos, and a few things that I don't see till after I've filmed the Gift Guides. I'm going to be popping any of these gems here on my blog, as part of a little series entitled 'All I Want for Christmas' (original huh?!)

The first thing is this ahhhh-mazing 'Ultimate Bath & Shower Collection' from Aromatherapy Associates. This beautiful collection of luxury bath oils didn't make it into the Gift Guide video this year as I featured a similar version in last year's video, but it totally deserves a mention as this was one of my most favourite gifts last year, and my set has lasted me all year (and is still going strong!)

If you haven't used AA's oils before, you might be surprised by how pricey they are. This is because they are pure aromatherapy oil, and super-strong, so each little vial will last you 4-5 baths. This collection contains 9 different oils and I think it's the perfect Christmas gift for any 'hard to buy for' girls out there.

I love the pretty green packaging of this year's collection too (last year's was red.)

You can pick this little beauty up for £50 (with free international delivery... yey!) from HERE

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