Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Caviar Manicure Finally Hits The High Street

The Caviar Manicure, as championed by Ciate, has finally hit the highstreet! It’s always a matter of time before the trends started by high-end brands inspire affordable copies, and this time it comes in the form of MUA’s ‘Nail Constellations’.
They work in exactly the same way as the Ciate variant, but they don’t come in a ‘kit’ with a coordinating nail polish. They also have a useful funnel applicator that you can switch around to pour any excess beads back into the bottle. Oh… and they are only £3, compared to Ciate’s £18!
 The colours shown below are Libra (Black/Turquoise) and Pisces (Pink/Blue)
If you’d like to see a blow-by-blow tutorial on how to apply these to your nails, I made a video way back in May using the Ciate kit:

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