Monday, October 29, 2012

Precious Stones

This week I've been sporting one of Rimmel's new glitter shades for Christmas 2012. They launched two shades as part of their 'Precious Stones' line at the beginning of the month and since I've recently re-discovered my love for disco-ball nails, they both caught my eye.

This shade is a lovely gunmetal glitter called Diamond Dust, but there is also a gorgeous ruby red (aptly named Ruby Crush)

I'm a huge lover of holographic polishes so it's nice to see them being picked up by high street brands a bit more recently. This polish has a lot of texture. In some lights it's almost cement-like, and while that doesn't sound all-too glamourous, something about it is really lovely, and perfect for this time of year.
It needs a good topcoat to give it a lovely shine (I would recommend Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri or Mega Shine) as it has quite a matte finish when used on it's own.

The one downfall with this polish is that it chips very easily. I got two days of wear before I had a couple of nails with huge chips, about 2 days less than my average polish wear-time.

You can pick this polish up now, priced at £3.99

Dove Crème Mousse Body Wash

The transition time between Summer and Autumn is always really tough on my skin. I find I have to step-up my skin and body care routine to keep dry, sensitive patches at bay, so when Dove asked me to try out their new Creme Mousse Body Wash, I jumped at the chance! It's got what Dove call 'NutriumMoisture Technology' which targets protein and lipid damage to the skin caused by regular shower gels, nourishing the skin deep down and leaving it feeling smoother for longer. It comes in two different varieties: Brightening and Deeply Nourishing.
But do they actually work?

I gave the Deeply Nourishing one a whirl this week and was really impressed! 
The mousse formula is really luxurious and  feels lovely on the skin. It almost feels like you're using a body lotion as a shower gel, you can really feel the difference in your skin after showering.
It left my skin feeling lovely and soft. It's got quite a classically 'soapy' smell, which might be a love-or-hate factor for many. I personally really like the smell, though I would love to see a fruitier variant on these products in the future!

You can pick uDove's Creme Mousse body wash in Supermarkets, Superdrug and Boots stores now. There are only £3.71 for 200ml so won't break the bank, but will certainly help to keep your skin nice and smooth throughout the winter months!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chanel Christmas Collection 2012

The images of Chanel's gorgeous Christmas collection 'Eclats du Soir' have been circulating for a while, but I got the chance to have a peek at the collection in person this week, ahead of it's official launch on the 9th November and wanted to share a few of my own pictures with you all.
As usual with their Christmas offerings, Chanel have stuck to more traditionally festive hues, opting for deep plum reds on the lips and nails and plenty of shimmering tones for the eyes.
The one nail shade from the collection (Malice) is absolutely stunning, and perfect for the festive period. I can expect this one will be a quick sell-out.
The eyeshadow quad in Harmonie du Soir is another product I think will sell-out quickly. It has the gorgeous multi-faceted eyeshadows with the signature CC's embossed into them, and while the deep plum shade is quite unusual, the golden, bronze and pale pink that accompany it are perfect for every day wear.
My personal two favourites from the line up have to be the Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick in L'Impatiente.

The texture of the Rouge Allure Velvets is gorgeous. This shade looks seriously dark and scary in the bullet, but it's actually a lot more wearable than you would think, and looks super glamorous on the lips.

My other pick of the bunch would be their Illusion D'Ombre eye shadow in Apparence.
A beautiful antique gold shimmer creme that is another perfect choice for Christmas. It applies very sheerly on to the lids.
While this might be a disappointment to many, I actually really like it as it makes the colour so much more subtle than a lot of glitter or shimmer shadows.

The wear time is really good and (unlike the black shade from this range!) I didn't experience any issues with fallout when I tried it.

Chanel's Christmas collection will be on counters from November 9th, prices start at £18. Does anything catch your eye from this collection?

Nivea Express Hydration Primer

A couple of weeks ago the lovely people at Nivea asked me to film some videos with them about their new 'Express Hydration' primer. 

If you haven't heard about the primer yet, it's really quite a neat little product. It's a two-in-one product that moisturises the skin and primes it for makeup application too. I must admit when I first heard about it I was sceptical, as I like using both a moisturiser and a primer for different reasons, so was a little unsure about making it a one-step process. Once I tried the product however, I absolutely loved it. It's a really unique texture, almost like a gel. 

It feels very cooling, and leaves your skin feeling smooth and fresh. It is silicone based, but doesn't have that typical 'silicone' texture that is common with primers. 

The only other primer that I've come across with a similar texture is the Laura Mercier one (which is about 10x the price!).

They have two different variants, one for normal-combination skin and one for dry-sensitive. 

I went for the latter and it worked really well on my skin. This type of product is great for me, as I tend to suffer from my skin looking dry towards the end of the day, rather than my makeup sliding off, or my skin becoming oily. The extra boost of moisture really helped my foundation to stay put for longer. It's definitely something I'd recommend for girls-on-the-go as it will save you time in the morning! It's also very affordable too, at £3.99 for 50ml.

You can check out the fun videos I made with Nivea here: 

They tell you a little bit more about the product, along with a couple of my tips for doing your makeup on the go, and refreshing your makeup after a long day!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Review: Lush Golden Wonder

I got the chance to pick up a few goodies from Lush's Christmas selection this week (haul video coming up on Friday!) and I tried their 'Golden Wonder' bath ballistic for the first time. I hadn't picked this up before as it has quite a clean, citrus scent and I normally go for the more spicey, traditionally festive scents (like cinders) but this time I wanted to try a few new things, so I went for this pretty parcel-shaped bomb (mainly because of the bow!)

When you shake it, you can tell there is something inside. I quite like the idea of it being like shaking a Christmas present under the tree. I always was a present-rattler as a kid (and still am... Shhhh!) so I thought this was a cute idea. I didn't however, expect the surprise inside to be quite so pretty!
As expected, the bath bomb starts to turn your bath water a sparkling golden yellow, but then turns green, starting to omit hundreds of tiny gold stars amongst the glitter, then turning the bath a deep teal blue colour. So beautiful!

The scent is also really nice and relaxing. Its a blend of orange, lime and cognac (the same scent as their Snowshowers bath jelly) Surprisingly, the stars dissolve totally before I drain the bath too, so it didn't leave any messy residue. I'm a big fan of this- I'll certainly be stocking up on these before the Christmas goodies sell out!
They are surprisingly not too expensive in comparison to some of Lush's bath products at £3.25, and make for a lovely festive bath time treat!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Interviewing Taylor Swift!

So I've been keeping a big secret from you all, and it's been killing me.

Two weeks ago I got the chance to meet my all time favourite musician, Taylor Swift! I've been a huge fan of Taylor since the beginning of her career, so was ridiculously excited, and nervous, to be given the chance to meet her in person.

I think it's one of those monumental moments in your life, meeting someone that you really look up to and idolise, and what made this particular occasion so special is that Taylor lived up to my expectations in every way. She was utterly humble, charming, and all around a lovely person. I got to spend a whole 15 minutes with her, one on one and she was an absolute dream to interview. I got the chance ask her a few questions about her perfume Wonderstruck, discover what's in her makeup bag, and find out all about her brand new album, RED.

I was unable to film on the day, but I did get to record our chat, so I've included a few sound bites from our interview. Hope you like it!
I started off asking her about the process of creating her fabulous perfume, Wonderstruck...

I also got the chance to find out a little more about her brand new fragrance 'Enchanted' which has just hit stores in the US...
Taylor's personal style has changed a lot throughout her career, but red lipstick has remained one of her trademark looks, and one that is featured heavily in the artwork for her new album RED.

Of course I had to ask her what red lipstick she uses...
And as I'm a beauty blogger, of course I had to ask her what's in her makeup bag right now...
It's clear from her style over the past year or so that Taylor has developed a love for vintage fashion and the 1940's and 50's more specifically, and she confessed her love for vintage shopping to me more than once during the interview, but she is perhaps more well known for her love of sparkly dresses, and has had the chance to wear more than her fair share since she shot to fame at the age of 16. I asked her what her all time favourite was...
She was super excited about the upcoming release of her new album and she described it for me in 5 words...
She also told me a bit more about her collaboration with Ed Sheeran (whom she named as her favourite British artist right now, along with Snow Patrol)
Last but not least, I made a little confession to Taylor. Not many people know this, so it's going to be a bit of a confession to you all as well. Way back in 2008, I saw an interview that Taylor had done with Teen Vogue. In it she confessed her love for watching makeup tutorials on YouTube when she was bored. This intruiged me, so I went to see these videos for myself, got hooked on watching them, then hooked on making them... and here I am today! I told this to Taylor and couldn't believe her response...
Meeting Taylor was such a wonderful experience, but it's not something I would have been able to do without you guys, so THANK YOU for watching, following and supporting me over the past three years, and giving me the opportunity to realise a dream. I wanted to share a little bit of the experience with you all, so I asked Taylor to sign a bottle of her perfume for one lucky follower to win.
I'm also giving away three copies of her new album, three sets of the cover girl makeup she mentioned in the interview, and a gorgeous Ted Baker makeup bag full of lovely Elizabeth Arden skincare.
If you'd like to be in with a chance of winning one of these prizes, then head over to my YouTube giveaway and tell me your favourite Taylor Swift song! 
You can also check out my Vlog from the day if you'd like to see my reaction to meeting her!
Wonderstruck is available nationwide from Boots and The Perfume Shop, starting price £20

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Favourite Autumn Nails

This nail combo is by far my favourite of the season. I'm loving these deep wine, berry reds at the moment and adore the way my Zoya 'Chloe' gemstone topcoat looks over the top of them.
The green and orange elements in it remind my of autumn leaves! It also looks great with a matte topcoat for a less polished look.

Friday, October 19, 2012

The October JolieBox

I don't normally do 'Beauty Box' contents posts, but this months JolieBox is a little special, so I thought it warranted it's own little space here on my blog.

Not only is this box the brand's first since being bought out by 'the original' US beauty box company Birchbox last month, but the lovely JolieBox team also invited me to be on the cover of their monthly 'JolieMag' that comes with the box.

Naturally, I jumped at the chance. The mini magazine is actually one of my favourite parts of receiving the box every month as it's always full of beauty tips and tricks, little interviews with bloggers and brand creators and lots of useful info about the products inside the box, so it makes for an interesting read with my afternoon cup of tea.

I also got the chance to sit down with Katia Beauchamp (above left, one of the co-founders of Birchbox) a few weeks ago to have a chat about what's to come for JolieBox. It's fair to say that the future is certainly looking bright for the brand, which is soon to become 'Birchbox UK'. The success that Birchbox have seen in the states has been phenomenal and I'm really looking forward to seeing some of the features of their fabulous website and online shop incorporated into the Joliebox set-up. I would most certainly 'watch this space' when it comes to Joliebox over the next few months, I have a feeling that this merger may just set the brand up to blow their competitors out of the water!

This month's box itself is themed around everything 'Pure and Natural' and I'm absolutely loving it's contents so far (I only received it yesterday, so no in-depth reviews yet I'm afraid!) but here's a little rundown:

- Jason's 'Lips Bee Healthier' lip balm, which tastes exactly like After Eight mints (amazing!) and leaves your lips feeling all tingly!

- A miniature pot of Moa's 'The Green Balm', which has gone straight into my handbag. I love miniature sizes of things, they are so useful on the go! I'm sure this multi-purpose balm will come in very handy, especially at this time of year when I tend to get dry elbows, knees and... lips!)

- Ritessens Facial Exfoliator - I haven't tried this yet, but it smells nice!

- A full size stick of 'Freedom Glow' from Revolution Organics. I've never heard of this brand, but I'm looking forward to trying this multi-purpose shimmer stick.

- Finally, a little box of 'Lov is Beautiful' tea from Lov Organic. There are 6 little muslin tea bags containing a blend of white, green, mango, peach and apricot tea. I'm drinking one of these as I type and it's lovely... yey!

So that's it for today guys! What do you think about JolieBox merging with Birchbox?!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Caviar Manicure Finally Hits The High Street

The Caviar Manicure, as championed by Ciate, has finally hit the highstreet! It’s always a matter of time before the trends started by high-end brands inspire affordable copies, and this time it comes in the form of MUA’s ‘Nail Constellations’.
They work in exactly the same way as the Ciate variant, but they don’t come in a ‘kit’ with a coordinating nail polish. They also have a useful funnel applicator that you can switch around to pour any excess beads back into the bottle. Oh… and they are only £3, compared to Ciate’s £18!
 The colours shown below are Libra (Black/Turquoise) and Pisces (Pink/Blue)
If you’d like to see a blow-by-blow tutorial on how to apply these to your nails, I made a video way back in May using the Ciate kit: