Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Three of the Best: Summer Body Scrubs

It's that time of year again! Women everywhere are frantically exfoliated, de-fuzzing and fake tanning as summer approaches. I thought I'd share with you my top three body scrubs, to help you on your way to beautiful skin this summer.

1. Body Beautiful on a Budget

My most highly recommended and all time favourite budget body scrub is Soap & Glory's Flake Away. It smells great, does the job and leaves your skin glowing. It's a salt and sugar based scrub, with Shea butter and sweet almond oil to leave your skin baby soft. Like many scrubs it does have a slight oily residue. Some love this as it nourishes the skin but it's certainly not for everyone. You can pick up a huge 300ml tub for just £7 in Boots.

2. The Luxe Spa Scrub
Neom Organics has skyrocketed in popularity over the last year (apparently Kate Middleton loves their candles, don't you know!) but their products really do deserve the hype. Their Real Luxury Organic Body Scrub is the perfect way to get a spa-like treatment at home. It's packed with essential oils and organic sugar and leaves your skin laced with the delicate scent of jasmine, amber and brazilian rosewood. It's a very thick, paste-like texture and it's the oiliest of the bunch, so if you don't like oil-based scrubs then avoid this like the plague, but for those of you who love oil treatments, this is so nourishing you can even skip your body oil after using it! It comes with the luxury price tag of £32, available online.

3. The Ultimate Toning Treat

My most recent discovery and potential new favourite scrub ever comes in the form of The Organic Pharmacy's Resculpting Body Scrub. This deliciously spicy scrub contains chilli, green coffee, peppermint and bamboo. It claims to help tone and sculpt those stubborn areas of your body. I'm a massive pessimist when it comes to cellulite treatments (let's face it, cellulite is genetic and nothing is going to shed that orange peel for good without being accompanied by a serious amount of time in the gym and copious amounts of water!) That being said... this scrub is simply divine. It's gorgeous, gel-like texture isn't overly abrasive on the skin and it emulsifies with water, becoming a smooth milky texture. It has a slightly ludicrous price tag of £49.96 (not a typo!) for 200ml so it's the ultimate treat when it comes to getting bikini-ready, but if you're looking to splash some cash on a body scrub, this should be the one! I think they could have given it better packaging considering the price, but it's what's on the inside that counts and this product really is fabulous.

What's your favourite summertime body scrub? 

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