Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kerastase Crystalliste

I've been a big fan of Kerastase products for around four years now. Ever since I discovered Nectar Thermique at university, I've never looked back. It was the first high end hair care line that I used, and the start of a (very!) slippery slope for my bank account.

They've recently brought out a new line targeted for long hair that claims to leave it in tip-top condition without weighing it down one bit. I've been test driving it for the past few weeks and have been loving the results.

The Cristalliste line consists of two types of shampoo (one for fine hair, one for thick), a conditioner and a 'perfecting essence' which is essentially a serum/oil type of product.

The shampoo is nice but to be honest, not groundbreaking and I don't think I'd shell out and buy it simply to accompany the rest of the line.

The perfecting essence is a lovely product. It's very thin for an oil-type hair treatment so perfect for finer hair. I've got thicker hair so for me personally I think that while I like this and will use it, I probably wouldn't purchase it over my other favourites (Shu Uemura Essence Absolue and Ojon Damage Reverse Treatment, I'm thinking of you!).

It's the conditioner that steals the show in this collection. When I first used it I was disappointed by how thin it was. When it comes to conditioners, I always think the thicker the better. I've got colour-treated hair that probably isn't cut as often as it should be so I like to feel like I'm really treating it when conditioning, but somehow this uber-thin conditioner works absolute wonders.

It leaves my hair feeling soft, looking shiny and nourished, but bouncy and not weighed down one bit, it's fabulous! I find that I need much less styling product to achieve a smooth, polished look and my straighteners have barely got a look in this week. It even makes my hair a little (dare I say it...) shiny! It's almost impossible to get a good shine on blonde hair but this somehow does the trick! I can imagine this would give amazing shine to darker hair.

12 Hours after washing my hair, rough dried with a tiny bit of oil, not brushed! It would usually be frizz/knot-tastic !

I was gutted when I ran out of my gorgeous Gielly Green treatment a few weeks back, but discovering this has certainly softened the blow. My hair looks just as good after using this. While it doesn't feel as luxurious to use, it's half the price at £14.15 so definitely a much more wallet-friendly option (albeit still rather pricey for a conditioner!) I'm not overly taken with the smell but the results are there so I really couldn't care less. This product is wonderful!

The Kerastase Cristalliste collection is out now, available from Kerastase salons and online with free delivery here.

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