Thursday, March 29, 2012

Urban Decay 'Build Your Own' Palette: Review

When I heard that Urban Decay were releasing a 'Build Your Own' palette, it got me very excited. Urban Decay eyeshadows are my ultimate favourites (and yes, I prefer them to MAC!). I was very kindly invited to get a sneak peak of these palettes before their release in May, so I thought I'd let you all know what I think...

The Good

The eyeshadows are fabulous as ever. They've actually reformulated them slightly but to be honest I haven't noticed a huge difference in the colours I've tried. They are creamy and soft with fantastic pigmentation. As far as the product goes, I cannot fault them.
Left -Right: Walk of Shame, Sellout, Tease, Maui Wowie, Bordello, Blackout

The palette itself is large and sturdy with a huge mirror inside. I love the design on the front too.

Unlike the MAC palettes, the eyeshadows that you buy come in a pot (also lovely chrome packaging!)

You can easily pop them in and out so you can mix and match between the palette and the singles.

I think this is a huge bonus as I know from experience how frustrating it is when you just want to take one MAC eyeshadow with you, but you've depotted it... There's no going back!

The Palette itself is £14 to buy and comes with a travel sized brush and one neutral matte eyeshadow already in there, 'Walk of Shame', that is exclusive to this palette.

The Bad

Each individual eyeshadow will set you back £14, making the total cost of a full palette £84. This is my only big gripe with this palette. While I love the shadows and I love the concept and design of the palette, it just seems a little too steep when you compare it to the price point of their pre-made palettes. Why spend £84 buying 6 shades when you can buy a Naked Palette or Book of Shadows and get 12-16 shadows for less than half the price? I love the customisable element, but I think it comes at too high a price.

Overall I think the concept of the palette is wonderful, but I think they'll only be a hit with hardcore Urban Decay fans. I was lucky enough to be given a palette with 6 gorgeous shades of my choice, but I have to say I'd have a hard time parting with £84 for it. Sorry Urban Decay, but I'm with the Naked Palettes all the way!

What do you think girls? Do you like the 'Build Your Own' Palette? Will you be buying one?

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