Tuesday, March 6, 2012

LUSH Review: Phoenix Rising

Today I'm doing a review of one of my favourite products from LUSH. Phoenix Rising bath bomb is a strong, spicy concoction of essential oils that leaves your bath a bright purple shade, fading into a vibrant green at the end of it's life.

It's one of the only products from lush that I find satisfies my spicy winter-scented LUSH craving but is available all year round!

They are also one of my favourite looking products from LUSH... finished with a fine overspray of gold glitter and a cinnamon stick to top it off, it's quite a large bath bomb and leaves your bath water feeling silky and your skin feeling nourished.

A great bath bomb to use on cold winter nights to make you feel warm and festive (even after Christmas is long gone!) This is one of my very favourite products from LUSH.

Phoenix Rising bath bombs are priced at 3.15 each and available from Lush shops now.

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