Friday, February 3, 2012

Fragrance Friday: Spicebomb!

I know there has been a lot of Viktor & Rolf action on my blog over the last few months, but I just couldn't resist posting about their latest release: Spicebomb (this is the last one for a while... I promise!)

I smelt it for the first time this morning and I'm totally hooked.

Spicebomb is the male version of their ever-popular Flowerbomb and it smells absolutely incredible. It's unlike any other fragrance I've tried before... A spicy, woody, oriental fragrance that is somehow slightly gourmand (at least that's how it smells to me!)
With notes of bergamot, pink pepper, cinnamon, vetiver, red pepper and tabacco, you can understand why it seems to appeal to both sexes, and is being widely recognised as a uni-sex scent.

It's the sweetest male fragrance I've ever smelt, and somehow I think it's almost more appropriate for women to wear. I would certainly be more inclined to buy this for myself (or a female friend) than for my boyfriend. It's sexy and intriguing, but the kind of scent you want to steal from him to wear yourself, rather than smell him wearing.
The packaging has seen some scrutiny online since it's unveiling but to be honest, I really like it. I wouldn't expect anything else but a grenade-shaped bottle when the women's version of the scent is a grenade. The one criticism I would give is that the clip around the neck of the bottle is plastic. If it had been metal I think the packaging would have seemed much higher quality as a whole. 

I would thoroughly recommend trying this if you get the chance. It might be something of a love-hate scent, but it is undeniably unusual!

Spicebomb is available now from Harrods (perfect timing for Valentine's Day!), and will be released nationwide from 7th March. Available in 50ml and 90ml EDT, priced at £45 and £60 respectively.

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