Friday, November 18, 2011

Three of The Best... Christmas Candles

I am a self-confessed candle junkie in Winter. As soon as the weather starts to turn a bit colder, the candles come out. You can guarantee there will be a candle burning in my house every single day from November-January, mainly because I just can't get enough of Christmas scents.

Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Pumpkin, Vanilla. I'm a complete sucker for anything that smells like festive baked goods so as you'd expect, I have tried a fair few Christmas candles in my time.

Here are my top three for the festive season.

Number one is the daddy of all Christmas candles. It's big, it's red and it has Santa on the front...

Yankee Candle's 'Christmas Eve' will get you in the festive mood in no time. With sugared plum, candied fruits and a dash of 'warm hearth' (whatever that is meant to smell like!?) this will fill your whole house with it's delicious scent in a few minutes. Make sure you buy the large size though, I find the smaller (or even medium) jars have hardly any scent payoff compared to the big ones. They have about 110-150 hours burn time too, so expect this to last you all season! (RRP £18.99 for the large jar, available from Clinton Cards. You can get them a little cheaper online)

Second up is my all time favourite autumnal candle from Slatkin & Co. 'Leaves' is a ridiculous name but it smells like winter embodied.

Cinnamon, mulled cider, mandarin and red apple combine to create the most heavenly scent. Everyone asks what this is when I burn it in my kitchen. It's meant to be one of their autumn candles I think, but it takes me all through winter and beyond. It has the strongest scent payoff I've ever experienced from a candle. I simply love it, which is why it's ever so frustrating that it's not available in the UK. And mine just ran out. I'm going to be stocking up on my next visit to the US! ($19.50 for the large size, available from Bath & Body Works in store and online)

Last but not least, for those of you who prefer a more sophisticated looking candle, The White Company's Signature Candle in 'Winter' is also divine.

This one is more obviously 'Christmas' to me. It has more of a strong scent of clove combined with cinnamon and dried orange. It's more expensive for less product, at £20 but if you're looking for a gift, this is a great choice! (£20 in stores and online)

Another candle that deserves an honourable mention in this post is Yankee Candle's 'Winter Wonderland'.

If you aren't such a fan of the spicy, cinnamon-based scents and prefer to go down the fresh/minty/pine route, then this is also lovely. It's white too, so a little more subtle than some of Yankee's other Christmas options. (RRP £18.99 for the large jar, available from Clinton Cards. You can get them a little cheaper online)

I'm feeling all festive now! What is your favourite candle to burn at Christmas time?

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