Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How To: Firework Nails

I created this look a couple of week ago when I was painting my nails late at night, with fireworks in mind. I can honestly say I've never had so many questions about my nails, both in person and in comments when I showed them in a video.

Despite lots of you requesting a tutorial, creating this look is just so easy, it really didn't justify a video tutorial, but to satisfy those of you who were asking about it...

It's the combination of three nail polishes: Zoya Gem, 2True Mysterious Turquoise (Shade 3) and Barry M Once Upon a Time (210), and you can recreate it in three easy steps.

1. Paint on one coat of Zoya Gem (or any deep purple)

2. Paint 1/3 - 1/2 of the nail with small, uneven strokes using 2True Mysterious Turquoise (or any shimmery blue-green shade). This doesn't have to be neat - the more uneven, the better!

3. Finish off with a thick coat of Barry M's Once Upon a Time (make sure you shake it before you apply to disperse the glitter properly!)

...and it's as easy as that! This look really reminds me of fireworks, and the dark colours are great for winter. I'm going to be wearing lots of different variations on this look over winter!

What do you think?

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