Thursday, October 27, 2011

Holographic Nails

Ok, so I will readily admit that I’m utterly obsessed with nail polish, but particularly so with anything glittery and most of all with anything holographic. Holograhic polishes used to be quite hard to come by but are slowly trickling into the shops more and more.

I thought I’d show you four of my favourite holo polishes. Surprisingly enough, they’re actually all rather different.

The first is perhaps the hardest to get your hands on… GOSH’s Holographic is the only ‘solid’ holographic polish I own. There are a few on the market (Swedish brand The Make Up Store make a similar one I believe).
Two coats

It leaves a simply stunning effect on the nails but you’ll be lucky to get it to last more than 24 hours without chipping, even with the best topcoat. Great for a night out, but infuriating if you don’t want to have to repaint daily. I believe this polish is now discontinued, but there are usually a few on eBay.

Second up is Orly’s Shine on Crazy Diamond. 
Two coats over OPI Ridge Filler

More of a topcoat, the tiny glitter particles in this polish go on very sheer, but you can layer it up for a more striking effect. I love this if you’re looking for a more subtle way of wearing holo! I got mine online at for about £8.

One of the more recent additions to my holo collection is Barry M’s 244 ‘Hologram Hexograms’. I’m not actually sure if this is new, or just not stocked in your average Superdrug as I had never seen it before spotting it last week on Topshop Oxford Circus. 
Three coats

It’s more if a confetti, with huge hexagonal glitter chunks. Again, the glitter applies very sheerly but you can build it up. I love this one for parties… It would be a perfect choice for New Year’s Eve! (£2.99 available online and in some stores)

Last but not least, the most recent addition to my collection, and my favourite of all the holos comes in the form of Pop Beauty’s Aquatic Glitz.
Two coats

On a recent trip to the Pixi boutique in Carnaby Street (Pop is Pixi’s sister-brand) I spotted Pop’s selection of glitter polishes and was totally blown away. They have a few variations on this fine holo glitter polish, a slightly pink one, a golden one and this blue-green variation.

It’s the only holo glitter that I’ve found which applies almost opaquely in just two coats. But I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

Beautiful I’m sure you’ll agree! These are only £6.50 too so if you’re in London I’d recommend taking a peek (you can also order them online at I’m so in love with this, the pink version is next on my wish list!

That’s enough holographic awesomeness for one day I think… would love to hear any of your recommendations for more holographic polishes to add to my collection though!
Disclaimer: Gosh was a gift, I bought Orly & Barry M and Pop was a PR sample.

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