Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kleenex Go Back to Their (Beauty!) Roots

Kleenex isn't a brand I would ever think of writing about. Let's face it... tissues aren't the most riveting beauty topic. Well prepare for this to change girls!

Some of you may not know that Kleenex were originally made famous for their facial tissue in the 1920's, when they were marketed as the best way to remove cold cream cleanser and makeup remover, being strongly associated with actresses and celebrities and as the 'luxury' way to treat your skin.

Well now they're going back to their roots (albeit with a little more technology behind them!)
Kleenex are releasing a new line of facial care products including face wipes, eye makeup remover wipes, blotting sheets and facial tissues. The first three are pretty standard staples in today's market, it's the facial tissues I'm excited about.
Essentially they are dry face wipes, so why am I excited about them?
These soft, quilted cloths are made from natural fibres and are much larger than even the large sized cotton wool pads. They are not only soft, but also durable when wet or dry so you can use them for cleansing and toning, but also for removing nail varnish and facemasks (using just one tissue at a time rather than 5 cotton pads!)
My one gripe is the boring packaging design. I really think they could have made them more eye catching...

On the subject of packaging, check out some of the Kleenex boxes of the past!



These are a new staple in my bathroom... thank you Kleenex! Kleenex Facial Tissues are available now in Superdrug, £1.99 for 30 Tissues.
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