Tuesday, August 30, 2011

(Very) Cheap & (Very) Cheerful!

Following my mild dissapointment over Sleek Makeup's nude eyeshadow palette last week, I got rather excited when persusing the aisles of my local Superdrug, I clapped eyes on this little beauty...

Even though I've been very impressed by the MUA products I've tried in the past, I hadn't purchased anything from the uber-affordable makeup line in over a year, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to dip my toes again.

When they first launched the line, everything was £1, but it seems that since then they've expanded their repertoire to include larger makeup items like this palette (which was a whole £4!)

When I got home and googled the palette, I discovered that this product has actually been creating quite a stir online this month and somehow I've managed to miss every single blog post about it! However, I figured if I hadn't already seen it, then some of you might not have either, so here we go... My mini review of the so called 'Naked Palette Dupe'.

The palette comes with 12 gorgeous shimmery, neutral shades, all of which I would happily use on a daily basis.

The formulation is smooth and the pigmentation is great. They are ever so slightly dusty in texture, but I can deal with that.

The one downside to these shadows is the staying power, which isn't great, but if used with a good primer, they will stick around all day (but probably not all night!)

The thing that stood out the most about this palette was the fact that all of the colours were lovely and nicely pigmented (where the Sleek Palette fell down!)

My overall thoughts?

Finally! A decent, drugstore alternative to the Urban Decay Naked palette! None of the colours are exact dupes for the Naked palette, but the overall concept is the same. If you already own the Naked palette, I doubt this will take it's place in your makeup bag, but for those of you who can't get hold of a Naked palette, or who don't want to shell out £30... here's your perfect alternative.

The MUA 'Heaven and Earth' palette is available from selected Superdrug stores, and online. Priced at £4.

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