Thursday, July 21, 2011

*Guest Blog* Bronzed Glowing Skin from Clarins

This week I'm having a Guest Blog Takeover! Today's post is by Nicola from NicolaVC86 who'd sharing her new found favourite bronzer...

Very rarely these days when I see a product do I purchase it immediately, usually I umm and ahh for a few days and then the obsession is normally replaced by another sparkly item, what can I say i'm fickle! Well when I laid eyes on the new Clarins Mosaic Summer Bronzing Compact I just HAD to have it (Had being a little exaggeration as I have about 5 bronzers on the go)

First of all let's just take a second to admire how beautiful it is, the packaging is really sturdy and well made and very much Guerlain-esque in its appearance. Although the bronzer overall looks fairly light because of the light veining being prominent it gives you a lovely bronzed look without much effort as the texture is devine and very pigmented.

The thing that makes this bronzer so incredible is that it gives you a lovely tanned appearance which isn't at all orange and it lays down the most beautiful glow on to your skin without any form of glitter. If you have oily skin but have avoided products that are described as 'glowing' I really encourage you to try this out. It doesn't highlight large pores or oily skin, it just makes you looked tanned and healthy so it's great for all skin types.

I have never been the biggest Clarins fan mainly because the smell of the products is a bit too much for me, this does have a smell but not the traditional Clarins one, it actually smells really lovely although once it's on your face you can't smell it. It also has SPF 10 which is obviously useful in the summer as you are supposed to reapply your SPF every two hours plus you get loads so you're not going to run out any time soon.

It is priced at £26 from a counter but is cheaper online.

Be sure to check out Nicola's blog HERE!

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